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If you want to understand a business you have to go onsite and learn.

Over the years we had the pleasure of working with a variety of different industries from tradies to accountants, real estate, financial services, consultants, art galleries, hospitality and retail businesses and educational as well as charity organizations. Every project is unique and so are the business owners. Word ImPress wants to say a Special Thanks to all these amazing businesses for trusting in our services.

We also want to emphasize the exchange of knowledge, which made our projects such a valuable and unique team experience. Not only are we able to teach our clients how to efficiently work on and develop WordPress websites further, we also learn a lot from our research prior to the website development. It's during this crucial moment when we are on site with a camera and iPad that we actually see the business in action giving us insight into how it functions. That's where our anthropological approach comes into to play.

The discipline of Social Anthropology employs a unique research method, called Participant Observation. One has to be on the field and participate in the daily life of the cultures or societies being studied. We apply this method as part of the website project and can come onsite to learn about your business. Alternatively we offer in-depth Skype video interviews to collect all the information we need to build your stunning website.


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Word-ImPress---Web-Design---Portfolio---O'Loughlin-BricklayingView Website

O'Loughlin Bricklaying

Website Re-Design * Photoshoot * Image Editing * WordPress Training

Word-ImPress---Web-Design---Portfolio---Xero-Training-SydneyView Website
XERO Training

XERO Training Sydney

Web Design * Facebook Marketing * Promotion Video * Print Design * Website Maintenance

Word-ImPress---Web-Design---Portfolio---Minnik-Integrated-Finanical-SolutionsView Website

Minnik Integrated Financial Solutions

Web Design * Print Design * Logo Design * Social Media Management * Marketing * Website Maintenance

Word-ImPress---Web-Design---Portfolio---Watertight-PlumbingView Website

Watertight Plumbing & Drainage

Web Design - Copywriting * Video Promotion - Onsite Video & Photo Shoot * Logo Design * Marketing * Social Media

Word-ImPress---Web-Design---Portfolio---Club-ArncliffeView Website

Club Arncliffe

Website Design * Social Media Setup * WordPress Training

Word-ImPress---Web-Design---Portfolio---Creative-FramesView Website
Art & Design Shop

Creative Frames & Mirrors

Website Re-Design * WordPress Training * E-Shop

Word-ImPress---Web-Design---Portfolio---Mission-PawsibleView Website

Mission Pawsible

Website Rescue * Technical Support * Advisory

Word-ImPress---Web-Design---Portfolio---Creative-Living-LandscapesView Website

Creative Living Landscapes

Web Design * Copywriting * Technical Support

Word-ImPress---Web-Design---Portfolio---Minnik-Women-In-BusinessView Website
Wealth Advisors

Women in Business

Web Design * Logo Design * Social Media Management * Content Creation * Website Maintenance

Word-ImPress---Web-Design---Portfolio---Gin-&-Tonic-BoutiqueView Website
Fashion Boutique

Gin & Tonic

Web Design

Word-Impress---Web-Design---Portfolio---Gallery-EddaView Website

Gallery Edda

Web Design * Photography * Photo Editing * Website Maintenance

Word-ImPress-Web-Design-Portfolio-SM-Safety-SolutionsView Website

SM Safety Solutions

Web Design * WordPress Training