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Word ImPress is a web design and digital marketing agency handling all aspects of your online presence.
We understand the needs and problems of business, build trust and provide digital excellence.


We are Word ImPress

Word ImPress is a Sydney based web design and digital marketing agency handling all aspects of your online presence. From your initial website and further development to ongoing maintenance, digital content marketing and social media management, we take your success serious and provide personalized customer support along your journey.

We specialise in WordPress, the fastest growing Content Management System with roughly 500+ new sites being built daily. Close to 20 million websites worldwide are powered by WordPress. Its popular features include: its reliability, it's easy customisable, it's user-friendly, has unlimited functionality and full control for you. Once built, your WordPress website will proudly represent you and your business, and be the centrepiece of all your marketing activities.

Our marketing approach is inspired by qualitative research methods, taking into consideration the social and cultural contexts of your target market. Transparency throughout the web design process and the sharing of knowledge are amongst our principles as well as our enthusiasm to educate the user. We strongly prefer to work with clients who are willing to learn and understand the importance of investing not only money but also time in their online presence.

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Word ImPress Services

Who doesn't want to concentrate on business growth and on living life to the max?
We are active in the background to ensure you reach your goals.

Website Design

Responsive, unique, eye-catching, informative and interactive WordPress websites for businesses, non-profits and professionals.

Website Management

A full suite of website and social media management solutions gives you peace of mind and time to focus on growing your business.

Content Creation

Qualitative target market research and high quality content. Reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

Technical Support

Website rescue, remote support, technical assistance and qualified help to get your problems solved. Our expertise saves your time.

Marketing & Analytics

Understand visitor behaviour and make faster and smarter decisions with high conversion marketing & analytics to drive your business.

Website Power Tuning

Website optimisation and SEO to keep your site secure and ranking on Google by applying newly released security patches, daily/weekly backups.

The Three Motivators

At the end of the day, we all tick the same way.

Many of us are confused by the overwhelming amount of marketing strategies, shiny web design offers, 30 minute website builders and self-acclaimed digital gurus. If you feel this way too, you are not alone.

With the influx of digital businesses, a shiny website may not always include a shiny service. As many digital sole trader businesses come and go you have reason to be skeptical. Who wants to spend hard earned money for an unsatisfying service? On the other hand, you do not have ten thousands of dollars on marketing budget to feed the King Kongs of the industry. So what can you do?

The best solution would be to find a provider who doesn't 'control' your budget, who can relate to your values and vision and who can help you to develop. If this sounds appealing to you, then you have come to the right place! We are guided by the Three Motivators which we all have in common. It is that simple and doesn't need scientifically masked marketing strategies; what appeals to you, appeals to your target market too.

All human activity is driven by three motivators.

Control: The primal need to be in charge of vital resources such as time, energy, money, health, information and destination.

Relate: The social need to relate to and receive relating gestures from others to effectively and deeply connect and belong.

Develop: The cultural need or desire to change, grow, adapt, innovate, ideate and invent.

Your website and can be seen through the same lens. You want to be in control of your website, have total access and be able to work on it by yourself instead of relying on your webmaster. Your website has to relate not only to you but also to your target market. Last but not least you are going to develop over time and so does your website will require further development to successfully compete in the market.

Messages directed at customers should clearly articulate these three motivators. When a message, person, product, service or brand positively stimulates our interest, it will have signaled its approachability and capability to deliver results, that will enable us to control, relate and develop. A powerful and commercially significant moment occurs; we have developed trust and reached our customer.

The Three Motivators - Word ImPress Marketing

The Three Motivators

Control - Relate- Develop

Control 100%

Relate 100%

Develop 100%

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